The course starts at the top of the course map, in the grass adjacent to Club Row, and enters the paved finish stretch both days.

Day 1:
Passing through the finish line on Day 1, the course loops around a small section of grass before heading to a steep loose run up to the top level of the course. On the top level the course skirts the top of the bluff, dips in front of the gazebo then turns diagonally down the slope of the bluff back to the lower level. The course then skirts the railroad tracks and heads into a straight sandpit, which may be a run. Exiting the sand, the course heads back towards the tracks then turns right into the main field area. A wide, 180-degree turn brings riders into pit 1. Passing through the pit the course crosses the railroad tracks, turns left, and follows the inside of the tracks to a series of turns, setting up for another railroad crossing and a steep hill that may be a ride or run depending on conditions. At the top of the hill riders enter a pine forest section with numerous bumps and roots. Winding through the trees the riders pass over gravel path, hard pack, and pavement, eventually paralleling the park road. Turning away from the park road the course descends a winding gravel path back towards the third and fastest rr crossing. Back on grass the course heads left to the main parking area and crosses the rr one last time. A sweeping left turn on grass brings the riders along the expo area and towards a single set of 40 cm planks, 5 meters apart. Passing the planks the course doubles back on itself with another sweeping 180-degree turn and heads back towards the railroad tracks. Turning to follow the tracks again a series of decreasing radius turns bring the riders to pit 2. Passing pit 2, the course bends towards the finish stretch but first goes through one last series of turns ending up at club row once again. Course distance is approximately 3.3km.


Day 2:
Day 2's course is essentially Saturday course in reverse, with an off camber descent replacing Saturday’s traditional run up.